• Treatment

    Congratulations on deciding to take the first step towards recovery.

    Here at AMS of Wisconsin, LLC-Minocqua our focus is on assisting you through the recovery process. Our highly trained and compassionate staff will develop a results-based, individualized treatment plan based on your addiction history and specific needs.

    Visits at AMS of Wisconsin, LLC-Minocqua can be by appointment or walk in. To be admitted for opioid treatment services, you must be at least 18 years of age and have at least one year of opioid use disorder. Before beginning treatment at one of our outpatient facilities, you must complete our Intake Process.


    The intake process is a clinical assessment that determines whether you are a good candidate for opioid treatment services at AMS of Wisconsin, LLC-Minocqua. A team of trained and qualified staff, including a counselor, nurse, and physician will gather health information and any related history with past and present drug use.

    Along with this assessment, patients will have their vital signs measured by a nurse and be evaluated by a physician. The entire process can take from two to four hours.
    Clients who transfer into the program will need to go through the same admission procedures as new admissions. Any take-home privileges given at a previous program will be verified and documentation obtained must meet program guidelines for approval by the Medical Director.

    Items that will need at intake include- Valid photo ID, List of medications you are taking and Intake and treatment fees, insurance card if applicable.